Beaute L'amour (Beauty Treatments)
Beaute L'amour (Beauty Treatments)

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Universal Contour Body Wrap: Scientifically Proven, fantastic results, smoother looking skin, detoxifies and reduces cellulite.  


The UCW Apres Care range is about looking and feeling good with healthy, smooth, firm and youthful feeling skin.  It uses the finest ingredients to enhance the detoxification and firming process and maximises the effects of your inch loss after your treatment.  The range has 4 steps:


Step 1  The UCW treatment


Step 2 UCW Exfoliation Scrub commence use 3 days after UCW treatment, this energising seaweed scrub leaves the skin feeling fresh soft and smooth, the active ingredients helps reduce any moisture loss, reconditions, protects and soothes the skin.  Recommended use 2-3 times per week.                               

Price £13.99 


Step 3 UCW Detoxifying Shower Gel commence use 3 days after UCW treatment, this is a refreshing and revitalising shower gel, it not only helps detoxify and rebalance the skin but the Irish moss and sulphur ingredients enable deep cleansing and self healing of the skin.  Also helps to keep the skin well hydrated with a balanced pH. 

Price £8.99


Step 4 UCW Firming Lotion commence use 3 days after UCW treatment, this skin tightening lotion is the perfectcomplimentary product for daily use both with or without a UCW treament, the algea based ingredients form a thin layer over the skin surface excerting an instant tightening and toning effect.  It works long term to reduce the effects of oxidative stress on the skin cells therefore aiding a more youthful and firm appearance. Other active ingredients include vitamins A, E and F, Shea butter and sodium Hyaluronate, benefits of which include: superb skin moisturiser and protector, have natural sunscreen properties, and leave your skin silky smooth.

Price £21.99


For optimum results use these products after your UCW, total price for all 3 products is £44.97.  


*** Special offer***  Buy all 3 poducts for £39.99 or £34.99 when booking and paying for a UCW treatment. 



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Popular Treatments:  Universal Contour Body Wrap: Scientifically Proven, fantastic results, smoother skin, detoxifying and reduces cellulite.

New Treatment Available:

MYBRows, 7 step treatment designed to define, contour and enhance your eyebrows giving balance to your facial features.

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